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 THERMOCOMPACT, surface coating rhodium plating, gold plating, nickel plating, silver plating, cooper plating

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Thermocompact manufactures :

  • mass SELECTIVE GOLD PLATED TREATMENT for connector technology, medium and large batch production on screw-machined parts,
  • GOLD COATINGS : Pure gold coatingGold cobalt coatingGold-nickel coatingPalladium-nickel coating with gold finishing ...
  • HARD SILVER PLATING (bulk or rack) for connectors of electric vehicule
  • CHEMICAL TREATMENTS : low, medium and high phosphorus chemical nickel plating, PFTE chemical nickel plating, chemical copper plating 

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As a specialist in coating with precious metals and nickel by electrolytic or electroless processes, THERMOCOMPACT develops efficient solutions and innovating processes to exceed its customers’ expectations. Our customers are world-wide leaders in the high technology sectors such as connectors, automotive, aeronautics, space, military and medical markets.

                        Tailor made solutions in Surface Coating by Thermocompact


The R&D department develops innovating coating solutions utilizing gold, silver, rhodium, palladium, nickel, chemical nickel, tin and copper.

An example is the TecCoat® process, with saving of precious metals that offers optimal and incomparable functional properties.

                       TecCoat® : innovative process by Thermocompact


With 70 employees, our coating division will evaluate your requests and develop solutions to meet your specific requirements.


THERMOCOMPACT is certified: EN 9100 - ISO 14001 - ISO 9001


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