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Palladium Nickel gold finishing coating

Presentation of the palladium-nickel coating with gold finishing

Electrolytic deposition of palladium/nickel alloy 80/20 with enhanced mechanical and corrosion properties. The palladium-nickel coating is mainly used for technical, industrial and electronical coatings requiring good resistance to corrosion and wear.  It is positioned as an alternative to gold in connector application. This palladium-nickel treatment is available with bulk and rack plating.

Technical featuresof the palladium-nickel coating

  • Density : 11
  • Hardness of deposit : +/- 450 HV
  • Nickel rate : +/- 20 %
  • Contact resistivity : +/- 5 mOhms
  • Ductility (2,5 µm) : < 5
  • Appearance: pale yellow, reproduces the surface of the substrate.
  • Weldability: correct.

Recommandationsfor the palladium-nickel coating

The palladium-nickel coating is used on an underlayer of nickel, phosphorus nickel or coper.

  • Normal operating conditions PdNi: thickness 0,2 µm à 1,27 µm.
  • Severe operating conditions PdNi: thickness 1,27 µm à 3 µm.
  • Gold finishing: thickness flash à 0,25 µm.

Comparative array :  

PropertiesHard goldPdNi with gold flash
Thermal stability 150°C395°C Hardeness +/- 160 HV+/- 450 HV
Ductility (%E 2,5 µm)<3<5
Porosity index0,70,02
Coefficient of friction (10K) 0,60,43