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Pure gold coating

Presentation of the pure gold coating

Electrolytic deposition of pure gold, purity more than 99,9% mass. The pure gold coating is mainly used for technical and industrial coatings requiring own physical properties of this substance like: conductibility, emissivity, weldability, ductility, etc…  This coating could be plated for high thicknesses more than 10 µm. It meets MIL-DTL-45240, type III, grade A. This pure gold treatment is available with bulk and rack process. 


Technical features of the pure gold coating

  • Density: 19,3
  • Hardness of deposit: < 90 HV
  • Purity:  99,9 %
  • Contact resistance: +/- 1 mOhms
  • Appearance: mat hot yellow
  • Weldability: good

Recommendation for the pure gold cating

  • Used on an under-layer of nickel, phosphorus nickel or copper.
  • Normal operating conditions: thickness 0.2 µm to 5 µm.
  • Severe operating conditions: thickness more than 10 µm.