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Diffusion of chemical Nickel under controlled atmosphere

Chemical nickel diffusion is used to remove an adhesion zone between the nickel deposit and its substrate (pure iron, stainless steel, steel, etc.) to eliminate the break line and thus improve the adhesion of the deposit. The diffusion of nickel in iron, and conversely that of iron with nickel, is carried out with a temperature between 450°C and 600°C degrees (750°F 1112°F).

The thermal diffusion of nickel provides the treated parts with high corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance under extreme working conditions.

Example of use:

  • industrial mechanical applications,
  • submarines,
  • heat exchangers,
  • ...

Chemical nickel diffusion treatment company

The choice of the heat treatment cycle will be influenced by the nature of the substrate coated with nickel beforehand and the properties ultimately desired. The substrate can be "mono-material" (copper or ferrous alloy, etc.) or "bi-material" (parts having solder or solder) of the pure iron and stainless-steel type.

Depending on the temperature selected and the elements to be diffused, the diffusion phenomenon can be accelerated or slowed down.

For example, carrying out a nickel diffusion treatment on a pure iron substrate will create an intermediate Ni-Fe layer and a reduction in the thickness of the initial Ni layer. To benefit from the know-how and skills of our teams and carry out the appropriate diffusion treatment for your needs, contact us!

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