EDM WIRE - Products

As a worldwide leader in the supply of wire for electro discharge machining (EDM) , THERMOCOMPACT offers a wide range of high performance EDM wire that enable industrial companies in the fields of precision mechanics to improve their productivity by optimizing speed and cut precision.

THERMOCOMPACT has been present in this market since 1973 and has developed major innovations that have led to more than 17 product and process world patents registrations. The R&D team is presently studying new material structures to gain additional speed performance and cut precision in order to improve productivity.

THERMOCOMPACT has manufacturing facilities in France and in Vietnam with its subsidiary HWA, exporting to more than 50 countries.


  • Stratified Wire                                   VERY HIGH SPEED & PRECISION
  • Stratified Wire                                   HIGH SPEED & PRECISION
  • CopperZinc & special coating            SPEED & PRECISION
  • Brass + Zinc coating                         SUPER PRECISION & SPEED
  • Brass + Zinc Wire                              ALL PURPOSE 




Please contact us at EDM-wires@thermocompact.com